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Reducing your company’s supply-side KWH usage will quickly translate to significant and enduring electrical savings for up to 15 years. Plus, you’ll greatly reduce greenhouse emissions.

We’ve asked Bill Behrman, WPS Global’s senior system designer, to answer your questions about supply side KWH reduction:

1. What is supply side energy management?  

Reducing kwh consumption without changing your equipment or processes.

2. How does supply side kwh reduction combined with high efficiency equipment create maximum results?  

Equipment uses the least amount of electricity possible.

3. What kind of business can benefit most from this type of energy management?

Everyone can benefit, but high consumers of energy obviously save the most.

4. What cost and resources do we need to put into an energy-reducing system?

 Cost related to the equipment and installation is specific to the facility, while resources are nill.

5. What kind of results can we expect?  

High yielding, long term results of 10 plus years.

6. How soon?


7. How long will we see results?

Our systems are built to last a minimum of 15 years.

8. How has the system performed for other businesses in this industry?  

It has exceeded our original expectations, due in part from the proprietary techniques we have developed. Our customers aren’t shy about sharing their success stories about their WPS Global insallations.

9. How will this affect our sustainability goals?

Greatly reducing your electrical consumption along with improving our environment, our system will out perform and outlast anything on the market directly related to supply side reduction.

10. How can a corrugated, paperboard or packaging company learn more about an energy management solution that’s right for its facility(ies)?

Each energy management system placed by WPS Global is unique in that it is custom-designed to directly reduce kilowatt consumption for each individual facility. By creating a facility-specific plan, selecting equipment and placing it based on the customer’s particular needs, WPS Global’s systems quickly translate to significant and enduring electrical savings. The first step to get there is to schedule a consultation with WPS Global.