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According to ABB, one of the world’s leading engineering companies, the “business case” for energy efficiency is fairly straightforward: using less energy means paying less for energy. But a simple cost-benefit analysis might overlook some very important benefits that efficiency brings.

At this point, there is little doubt that regulation of carbon dioxide is coming, with the power sector as a primary target, states a report published by ABB. While there are technologies both available and in development to mitigate CO2 emissions from power plants, the fact remains that the easiest ton of CO2 to remove from the atmosphere is the one that is not emitted in the first place. Greater energy efficiency in the T&D system means lower emissions in generation to deliver the same amount of consumed energy.

WPS Global Inc.’s supply-side energy management solutions are motivated both from a cost and sustainability perspective. By optimizing and reducing KWH usage, WPS Global helps businesses in the corrugated, sheet feeder and packaging industries improve energy efficiency and offset increasing energy costs. The net results prove a win-win for everyone – including the environment.

Reducing fixed costs gives these businesses a competitive edge, and showcases their ingenuity; plus our customized solutions are deliberately designed to meet their environmental and energy sustainability objectives.

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