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As seen in Official Board Markets, 2/12/11

With a keen eye on the supply side of its energy consumption, Freedom Corrugated, Hazelton, PA, is implementing a WPS Global system for achieving savings of upwards of 20 percent. Completed in October 2010, Freedom Corrugated’s decision to install the WPS Global solution was based on its success within other Schwarz Group managed facilities.

Serving corrugated, paperboard and packaging businesses, WPS Global is an energy management organization. Each system placed by WPS Global is unique in that it is specifically designed to directly reduce kilowatt consumption for the individual facility based on their particular bottom line and sustainability goals.

Terry Raffety, general manager, Freedom Corrugated, expects the cut in energy costs will result in a 20 percent reduction in electrical usage. “Just as it’s done with many other corrugators, we anticipate our facility’s efficiency will be greatly improved by the system WPS Global has custom-designed for us, and we’ll enjoy significantly reduced power consumption in the short and long term.”

By creating a facility-specific plan, selecting equipment and placing it based on the customer’s particular needs, a WPS Global solution quickly translates to significant and enduring electrical savings for at least 15 years. WPS Global offers a 10 percent reduction guarantee backed by projected savings and real-world success stories

After WPS Global conducts a comprehensive energy audit, presents a detailed plan and implements a customized supply-side energy-saving solution, within weeks customers see a reduction in energy usage and costs.

Raffety says that reduced energy usage and costs has an economic impact on the total operation. In fact, the efforts Freedom Corrugated has made in the recent past go beyond energy reduction. The company has also changed lighting and made adjustments to its steam system to improve efficiency.

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