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M-real/Kemiart Liners asked Bill Behrmann, president, WPS Global Inc., to speak on the topic of Electrical KWH Reduction during its annual technical seminar in October.

Titled “Untap a New Revenue Source,” Behrmann’s presentation demonstrated how power distortion (a.k.a. “dirty power”) causes spikes in power usage and energy costs.

Behrmann reviewed with attendees the various ways to achieve energy efficiency, including the myths and challenges that corrugators and packaging facilities face today. He explained how the WPS Global solution – supply-side KWH reduction – achieves 3 critical energy management goals:

1.Reduces energy usage and costs
2.Protects equipment against electrical surges
3.Reduces your impact on the environment
Shown in image on right: This is a power quality meter reading taken before the WPS Global system is installed. The voltage and amperage levels shown illustrate dirty power.

Behrmann frequently speaks on the topic of supply-side energy management. To learn more about his speaking engagements and availability, contact us.